Tip and Advice on how to be successful camgirl on chat BongaCams

Advice, tactic and instruction on how to become a successful webcam model for sex chat BongaCams

As you can see to start work on the live cam site is not difficult. Catch attention and succeed among hundreds of performers from around the world already requires a bit more effort and preparation. Read some helpful tips and advice from an experience model on how to be successful camgirl among clients and maximize income from this work...

Camming like the theater for adults

Work as a Camgirl can be very well compared to the theater performance. This approach can help you understand your job properly while maintaining the perspective. Just like in a real theater, the preparation for the performance itself is very important on live chat. The overall success depends on the choice of backdrops, props, makeup, music, costume, lighting and last but not least, the script of the show itself…

Start by adjusting the place from which you intend to broadcast. Create an attractive setting to evoke the right atmosphere. Remove all disturbing things of daily use from the camera view that might distract the attention of the visitor. Never have a window or other light source in the background. You can find a nice inspiration to furnish room on free chats from the existing performers.

Webcam model on video sex chat

For the beginning, do not be afraid to experiment with roles on web cam. For example: play a role of a sexy lady with a strong makeup and hairstyle in sexy lingerie and high heels, sometimes maybe as a sporty student in a bikini and without makeup. With time, you will certainly know what has the greater success at your members. You can certainly change into another role that your clients know you already in.

The webcam with HD resolution and faster internet connection (ADSL or better) are definitely well worth the investment. Better and smoother image offers visitors more realistic experience and will be a significant competitive advantage among hundreds of other performers.

Satisfied client = your income

The core of success lies in building a loyal group of visitors, who will be happy to return to you.

The goal is not to keep paying client as long as possible, although it might seem at the first sign, but to entice as much client from the free chat as possible to buy a private show. A client who feels cheated is not satisfied and not only that he will never return but also worsen your rating which definitely discourage your potential clients.

The success on freechat is a key factor and therefore, worthwhile to spend at least the same commitment as the private chat. The only difference is that there is prohibited full nudity on the free chat.

The work of a model on live sex chat

The visitor comes to an live sex chat and wants to see LIVE sexy show! Show him the action. Alternate close-ups of your body with shots of your whole figure, face, dance, touch yourself, provoke but do not be vulgar, smile. Sometimes perform striptease show to underwear. Show your sex toys. Show much how big is your appetite for sex. At the same time, try to cleverly flirt with clients. You never know when a visitor becomes a paying customer.

There is nothing worse than very boring and passive show looking like a static photography which you can find millions on the internet. See for yourself online performers on free chats and learn what do you find sexy and what would discourage you on the contrary...

Do not discourage yourself by the initial failure

Feel free to communicate with visitors even though you fumble for the right words. The communication is usually very simple and you will learn quickly couple of phrases and words form the actual visitors. At the beginning it will take probably a while before you familiarize with the environment and find your own methods to your success. The important thing is to hold on because the payment after some first weeks definitely worth it.

Tips and advice from experienced webcam model

The first weeks on the erotic video chat are the most difficult for a new model and most probably do not earn much money either… To reach the leading positions on the main page and earn thousands, the model has to get the reputation on BongaCams and it will take a few months.

Sexchat model job at BongaCams

The prerequisite for successful model in camming bussiness is to understand the motivation of viewers who are looking for this erotic entertainment and prefer it to free porn. There are several main reasons why people go to live sex chat. The first is that users want to watch their particular sexual desire. Another reason why people visit camsite is a contact with a live person they want to get to know, have fun with and to win a woman… That even the best porno cannot offer.

Very important is, for each model to be online as much as possible (min. 5 to 6 hours each day) so that she will stick in visitors´ mind. More and more visitors will see her sexy profile pictures, play her video, will remember her name and will wish to see her live because they would like to know her closer.

What to show on web camera and what not

The tactic which proved to me the best is to behave completely naturally in front of the camera – to sell your personality – exactly according to the moto that: “The sexiest is the brain”. Your body will be just a cherry on the top of the cake which everyone will want! During the seduction your chat room, it is good to find a balance between not showing too little (the viewer leaves) or not to show too much (the viewer will not buy a private show).

Concerning cloth before the webcam, it means usually panties and bra, which should fit together. Surprisingly, it matters for a lot of men and if you fail to fit your top with panties, a lot of guys piffle and comment that. Most men also do not like when you have a t-shirt or another top. They want to see the décolletage so if you want to start in the t-shirt, I recommend something loose and low-cut neckline. During the show often lift the shirt and show your belly and neckline in forward bend. There is another piece of clothing that is very popular on video chat so as stockings, garters and high heels shoes. Remember again not to show too much on a free chat, it is necessary to keep the audience excited to buy a private show. Keep shoes displayed behind you beside the bed and time to time dress or undress the stockings, partially out of camera range.

I recommend from my own experience to alternate chat with dance/show: 10 minutes chatting, 10 minutes show.

Write/talk to audience as much as possible. Try to greet everyone who appears in your chat room. Each spectator will be pleased if you greet him by his own name and show interest how he is doing. Be always polite and attentive to the new visitors in your room, it will help to establish a conversation and find common themes. Address your guest with vocabulary such as: my honey, my pet, my love, my sugar….” Like this you will bind them little bit more.

A BongaCams model at work

Do not sit and look bored or do not "sleep" in your chat room! Rather slightly dance, it does not have to be any break dance, just slightly sway. Time to time caress your breast, your hair, set your panties and press your butt... Smile as much as possible. If it is in your nature, smile loud, then men feel that they are successful and they are confident that they charm you and will come back to you. Sometimes show your neckline in the detail, purse your bottom and accidentally show a bit your crotch… All this helps to attract the viewer´s interest and excite him. It is also good to learn how to properly twerk, you will attract into your room a lot of guest and quite a lot of them will appreciate it by tips, gifts or points to Top 100 voting. Do not hesitate to ask for those, especially in the beginning, it can be an important part of your earnings or help.

Never beg or plead your guests to take you in a private room. A better option is to remind your guest what you can show them in a private show. For example, if they ask you to show this or that, answer with a question: How's about in private, honey?...

The most important advice is therefore not to be lazy and try to be friendly. With this approach, you will start to be successful webcam model on any video chat and your earnings will get higher.

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