Interview with one of the most successful Czech models on live sex chat

Read insights, experience and advice behind the scenes of this job

Are you tempted by high earnings, but you do not know what price are they redeemed? Are you wondering how exactly live show happens and what kind of audience you can meet in your chat room? The answers may be found in an exclusive interview with one of the most successful models on the live video sex chat from Czech Republic.

Probably we cannot start with another question that why and how did you start with camming?

Czech model on BongaCams

The reason was simple. I wanted to make money. Since my 15 years, I occasionally worked as a glamour model so that I was used to make money with my body. Last year at a secondary school I wanted to have a stable job and I heard an ad on the radio about cam studio so I gave it a try. There I investigated how this business works. I stayed only half a year because the studio took half from what I could make. So I went my own way, registered directly at BongaCams, the best erotic camsite where I have been working till now.

How long have you been working on BongaCams chat?

I am registered on BongaCams since 2012, so I have been making my money by doing camming already for six years. At one moment I tried to work on other chat simultaneously with LiveJasmin but I did not manage both.

How much lucrative this job is?

The competition and the standard of girls at BongaCams increase year by year, but when the model is well established, you can still earn decent money. My monthly income is between $7 000 to $ 10 000. There are girls though who earn manytimes more, so I am on BongaCams such as a middle class. Beginnings are though quite difficult. The first year was all about learning, acquiring experience and building a loyal clientele.

What those girls have more than you do not have? More attractive than you already may be only a few…

Thanks:) We could say that the attractive look, distinctive and beautiful makeup, sexy lingerie, different costumes and various sex toys are already a standard for top models at BongaCams. Also the HD camera, a nice new clean bed, professional light, professional photos on the profile and a fast Internet connection. The best girls spend only proportionally more time, easily over 10 hours per day. I do not do that, I work 4-6 hours. More time such an experienced girl spends online, the greater number of loyal viewers who pay to be with her in private. Most of them follow you regularly like you are a real lover, enjoy you, talk with… There are in fact real emotions on their side. Another big advantage of such girls is that even a camsite itself has more money from those models, so they automatically put you on better positions and obtain better flow of new clients. Girls can then afford to raise prices for their performances.

How many of such a false lovers do you have?

The continuous number obviously varies, for some, love last few months, some several years… Now, I estimate to have such a members between 70 – 80 and yearly some several new appear, on the contrary, some decrease.

Isn´t it little bit crazy, to play on so many fronts?

Nobody is made of stone, so do I. I had quite a problem the first year, you must learn, that it is just a game and you have it firmly in your charge. It is not a real relationship, at least not for you, although, on the other side, there are real people who trust you and often completely open and gain your sympathy. A successful model must be a bitch and a big hypocrite; otherwise you will not make it. You can acquire that.

Have you met one of your clients in person?

No, I strictly separate my real life from a life of camgirl, although the great majority of men would probably like to meet me. Some ask, some invite me, but I have never met any of my clients personally. Sometimes someone wants to send a gift, so I open a P.O. Box at the post office for this.

What do your viewers usually send you?

Most often jewelry, handbags, perfumes, clothes…but once I got also from one American a real maple syrup. I often get vouchers to Amazon, but most often I get a gift an extra tips during my show, easily $100 for new lingerie, costume or vibrator… then the client is very pleased to see me in a new lingerie from him.

How does your typical private show look like?

There are two types of visitors on private. There are mostly men who look on chat for something they do not have at home or their partner is unable to satisfy. They want to watch live a pretty naked girl they do not have at home and have the feeling that she belongs them for a little bit. Such a show starts with striptease and ends with a joint masturbation; it usually takes some 15 – 30 minutes. Some guys fall in love and then they become another types of visitors. They usually spent hours with you on private by talking about everything, often they do not want neither sex nor strip. They want to be with you and they do not want you to be someone else. It is about kind of a long-term virtual relationship that must be maintained.

Is there anything you have refused on sex chat?

Of course and it happens quite often. I specifically refuse pissing, clyster, defecation, licking of anal dildos, etc… This is just too much for me but I believe that there are girls on Bongacams that can handle that. It is not me though I do a pure autoerotic.

What did you earn from camming?

In the first place it is money; of course, this is why I am doing that. I have savings and I can buy what I want… I got a beautiful apartment without a mortgage, a car; I have seen half of the world… I have also improved in languages. I speak English perfectly; I can speak German, Spanish, Italian… I have gained experience with men that I would hardly gained elsewhere…

How did you come here?

I have Porsche Cayenne. It is my second car, the first one was Mini Cooper but I already broke it.. I am not a very good driver this is why I drive a tank now :).

On the contrary, what did you lose working on live sex chat?

I work mostly at night, from midnight to 6 am, when there is a night in the US, so my life is upside down. I sleep during the day and I work at night. My personal life is also not perfect. I do not have a stable boyfriend, but I hope this will change when I finish with it. Sometimes I feel a bit blue that I live kind of strangely…

How long do you want to do that and how do you plan your future?

I have recently bought the land where I want to build a house. I want to make some money on video chat and then to have some million CZK to start a business which would make money but I did not think about it more specifically. I would like to finish University as well. I guess some 3-4 years, I will have to do that and then I want to settle down and start to live normally.

In the end, do you have any advice for girls who want to start with internet modelling too?

As I said the first year is the hardest and to work your way up takes a lot of effort. It demands good equipment – HD camera, fast internet, professional photos on the profile, ideally a video teasers. The first year, girls who want to work their way up have to be online as much as possible and always at a regular time, so that many clients can find them, enjoyed them and return to them. Like this, they begin to build loyal members, those who bring the most money. That is about it.