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I have been working on BongaCams for three years and this is my only source of income. I always broadcast at night some 4-5 hours and I earn daily between $80 - $200. Most of my clients are from Europe the US. Beginnings were not easy at all though, I often wanted to give up the first 2 months. I had no experience and money during the trial period was not that good. Then, one member came, we came along really well and he helped me to overcome shyness, I became more experienced and started to be successful. Nowadays, I have a group of about 30 clients who visits me regularly in private and I can earn good money. After 3 years, at least once a month, my first client visits me and I can say about him that he is my good friend.

Model Jana 32

I would recommend to all new girls paying big attention to the main profile picture, which represent you and must compete with hundreds of other models. Make professional shots, make-up, and hairstyle or at least ask a friend cosmetician to help you with the styling. I can confirm from my own experience that the photo has a huge influence on the number of visitors on free chat. The number of visitors increased 4 times and thus the number of paying members in the private chat when I had a professional photo. Another advice, keep smiling, it does not cost anything and it is a huge difference. :)

Model BlondieDoll

I had been making some extra money on BongaCams since summer 2010 when I studied university and I did not get a summer job and since then I had not had any other temporary job. I successfully graduated and found a good job but I use this option to earn some extra money before Christmas or vacation. After three years here I can earn monthly between $1.000-1.500 for some 20-25 hours online.

Model Alča PRAHA

I am quite experienced in this business I do not make my living basically otherwise than as a live chat model. I have tried several studios in Ostrava but the work from home for a chat is much better. No one force me to schedule shifts, I don´t have to deal with the poor hygiene of other girls, I can earn about 40% more money than in the studio.

Model Jessie 23

I had started to work on Jasmine more out of boredom than anything else. I was searching something new in my sexual live and be everyday a whore for some guys turned me on a lot, however reason and conscience did not allow me to knock at the door of some real Nightclub. On BongaCams I use mutual chat so not only client see my but I see him as well, so I enjoy it as well. In addition, for some nice $$$ :-)

Model Hanka, Ostrava

I come from a small town and I used to work on railways so I never earned big money. One day, my friend told me about work on erotic live chat and that I can earn some decent money. I am sexually adventurous so we gave it a try. A friend helped us with registration and setting of the chat and we started. I studied German at school but most of the words I understood from the clients themselves. Each month, the payment increased and after a year I could earn so much that I left my job and even my husband accepted it when he saw the money. At first I just chatted only at night, then in the morning when the children went to school and we rented a studio with a friend where we take turns. I still work there in a pair with 13 years younger lover whom I found on the internet.

Model Doda, 36