About the web cam model work for BongaCams

Summary information about the job of a webcam model for this cam site

The job of the internet model on the live sex chat is one of the easiest and safest opportunity to earn very good money. The best models can earn in a week several thousands of dollars in less than 30 hours of work, from your home and behind your computer. Without the risk that there will remain some erotic or porn photos of you.

Right at the beginning it should be emphasized that it is a job for an live sex chat. Sex and your body should be fun for You and the only taboo for you has to be shyness. If you have a problem undressing in front of someone, even if only in front of the webcam in your room, this will not be probably a job for you. All of your “working time” you will spend in a sexy suit or underwear and a certain exhibitionism, sex-appeal and charm are expected from us. Those qualities are expected from a person who wants to be successful and earn above-average money in this job.

Camming - Job description

The actual work on the live chat involves performing a home striptease and an erotic show in front of your webcam. Everything, therefore, takes place exclusively via the Internet, so there is no physical contact. The stream from the web cam is broadcasted live over the Internet on the monitor of a paying customer.

Model at work on free chat

Your work shift typically starts at the so - called - Free chat, that is free to all visitors from your permitted countries. Here the “hunt” of paying customers begins and a total nudity is too allowed. The Live broadcast is now in an online database on the world´s largest camsite BongaCams and on hundreds of others partner servers that provide the supply of potential clients. The performing model on her/his free chat room tries to entice by flirting and “tasting” from their repertoire and persuade to buy a private show where only the actual paying customer express his/her desire what he/she would like to see and experience. In general, there is a correlation between the degree of courage in live show and the amount of earnings.

How much for it?

The whole business about Bonga Cams works online so after the trial period, the price per minute of your show is specified in your account by you personally. The trial period is set for 4 hours in a private show. The price is firmly determined to a minimum, which is less than $1/min and the aim is to bring you as many clients as possible and quickly gain experience. After this time, the price determination is up to you. You can choose from following rates per minute:

$0.98, $1.99, $2.49, $2.99, $3.49, $3.99, $4.49, $4.99, $5.49, $5.99

You will get 35% - 80% from those amounts and the rest goes to the Web traffic, advertising and marketing. The more you earn on BongaCams, the greater the percentage you get. The optimum rate that has set most of the single performers is $1.99 - $2.99 (With initial 35% of the interests - $0.70 respectively $1 out of every minute to you). At one moment you can have up to 6 paying members at the same time, which is already equivalent to an income of several hundred of dollars per hour.

You can increase the value of your show by using for example HD camera, two-way video or performing some non-standard sexual practices. Higher rates will reduce demand from clients and are expecially designed for couples, groups and famous porn stars.

Who is the webcam model job for?

Women, men and couples of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientation can work on sex chat BongaCams. The condition is a legal age and basic knowledge of one of the world´s languages (English, German, Spanish, French).

Check yourself the free chat and you will see the best who and how makes a living by doing this job.

Basic facts about cam site BongaCams

Work of the Webcam model on live sex chat

This site provides work for the most popular live sex chat BongaCams. Monthly visits goes up to 35 million of visitors and offers nonstop about 2 thousands of performers online. The operator of BongaCams is a Cyprus company Proweb progressive Develpment Ltd., which exists in the business more than 10 years and employs on the web BongaCams tens of thousands of people from around the world.

Registration, agenda and all related administration is online. You can check your earn money in real time on your account and twice per month you will get money on your bank account or via Payoneer (special virtual wallet with MasterCard without owning a bank account).

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