Guide-book through the registration on sex chat LiveJasmin

Easy step-by-step guide on sex chat LiveJasmin sign-up for the new models.

Registration and agenda on take place completely online and will take you about half an hour. There is no need to prepare for an interview or something similar. A LiveJasmin employee decides about the approval or rejection of your registration and the result will usually come within 3 working days at the email address entered during the registration. You can get help with the registration any time on

Before you decide to register, we recommend reading other pages on this site.

Instruction for registration – step by step

If you are asked to enter invitation/referral code, please enter: "videochaty" (without quotation marks).

Before you start the actual process of registration, it is necessary to take electronic copies of your own ID. Take a picture or scan both sides of your ID and save copies in JPEG files. Make sure you have a fully functional webcam. It will play an important role already during the registration. It is also more than useful to have a prepared 3-5 sexy profile photos.

  1. Start the registration by opening registration form in a new window. On the site continue by clicking on the biggest “REGISTER NOW!”.
  2. In the next step select whether you want to perform on LiveJasmin individually or in more people. Select "Easy registration" of you want to perform solo. “Advanced registration" is for couples, groups or webcam studios.
  3. If possible, choose an English nick under which you will perform. Fill the rest of the registration form and read through The Conditions and regulations and accept them.
  4. Fill in your personal data.
  5. Upload your ID pictures (scan both pages).
  6. In the next step, it is necessary to verify your identity, so show your face on webcam and take the snapshot photo.
  7. Repeat the previous step holding your ID next to your face.
  8. Fill in the description of your figure, your preferences and the account settings (payment method, banned clients...)
  9. After the approval of registration, read the official manuals and instructions for performing.
  10. Good luck!